Samata Leather Complex Ltd.


Company vision

The vision is to reach and meet the needs of a wider range of customers, always adapting our professionalism to the fashion market demands through dynamism and passion with the aim of providing customers with a wide range of products but also an attentive customer care service.

Our mission

Our mission is to renew the concept of tanning, intended as a specialized leather industry for the fashion trade in terms of content and style always respecting the environment to meet the principles of sustainable development.

To understand and satisfy customer wants and need, we always try to add value, reduce costs and provide innovative thinking for improvement of our product quality, with world class compliance and working standard.


To our customers we offer

  • A commitment to provide best quality product and timely delivery.
  • Production of world-class quality leather and meet requirements of customers.

To our employees we offer

  • A desirable and rewarding place to work.
  • The opportunity to grow to employee’s maximum potential.
  • Sufficient offsite and on the job training.

To our suppliers we offer

  • Easy terms to trade.
  • Payment within due time.