Samata Leather Complex Ltd.

About Us

About Us

Samata Leather Complex Ltd has been in the leather tanning industry since 1990. We tanned quality leather for gloves, shoes, handbags and garments. Our groups head office is situated in BSCIC Tannery State Saver Bangladesh, and the tannery is located in Saver, Bangladesh.

Being a leader and the largest crust and finished leather manufacturer in the market, we have developed a culture and practices to work closely with our clients, in order to fulfill their expectations and requirements at the right place and time.

Samata Leather Complex Ltd is committed to establish and maintain good and practical work for the environment and our surroundings. Thus we ensure to comply with all relevant legislations and requirements from the Government and clients on environmental, safety and quality issues, throughout our daily operation. At the same time, we are committed to prohibit the use of all the restricted substances. We look globally and act locally.

Company Information and context of SAMATA LEATHER COMPLEX LTD

Company Samata Leather Complex Ltd
Factory Samata Leather Complex Ltd
Business Crust & Finished leathers
Major Markets / Client China / Taiwan/ Japan /America/ Europe
Product Finished leather for gloves and shoes
Manufacturing Processes Raw Hides→TrimmingSoaking→Liming→Fleshing→Deliming→Bating→Pickle→

Tanning→Wet BlueW/B Sorting→Sammying→Splitting→Shaving→Rechroming→Retanning & Dying→Fatliquoring→Unloading→Setting →Vaccum Dry →Hang Dry →Tunnel Dry→Staking &Vibraing→Toggling→Trimming→Plate Iron→Finishing→Lab

Checking→Final Sorting & Triming→Measuring→Packing

Office Address 120,Sher-E-Bangla Road, Hazaribagh, Dhaka 1209.
Factory Address Plot No:ZC-04, ZC-05, ZC-06 BSCIC Tannery Estate-Dhaka Horindhara, Hemmayetpur,Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Factory Area 90,000 square feet
No. of employees 114
Main facilities / equipments Fleshing Machine, Sammying Machine, Splitting Machine, Shaving Machine, Dye Drum, Setting Machine, Vacuum Dryer, Hanging, Tunnel Dryer, Staking, Toggling Machine, Hydraulic Plate, Measuring Machine.
Surrounding Environment Located in a big industrial zone, which contains several tanneries as well as other businesses. The zone is about 2 km from the town centre.
Potential environmental impacts from the operations Waste water from the production process is discharged to the wastewater treatment plant.

Solid wastes including trimmings, dust from buffing, packing materials and paper waste from office are mainly to be recycled, a small percentage to be sent to the designated landfills.

Significant use of electricity, water and chemicals for production processes are to be reduced or recycled in the case of water.

Noise pollution from the machineries to be minimized by proper maintenance and monitoring.

Special clients environmental requirements Most customers require that no restricted substances have been used.